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Details of the Bells 

Bell Diameter Weight Metric  Note  Name Sponsor  Dedication on headstock brass plate
Tenor   36" 8--3--7   448Kg         A Diana Anonymous In Memory of Diana, Princess of Wales
1st. July 1961 to 31st. August 1997
Seventh   32 1/2" 6--3--10   347Kg        B Edward Ron & Jan In Memory of Edward Thomas Bond
Crawford 22nd. June 1922 to 21st. January 1992
Sixth   29 1/2" 5--1--19   275Kg        C# Brian-Anne Anne  & Brian For Anne & Brian Horrell Golden Wedding
Horrell Anniversary 6th. June 2009
Fifth   28" 4--2--7   232Kg        D John Jane Houldsworth In memory of John G. Hogg 
21st. January 1925 to 1st. August 2003
Fourth    26 1/2" 3--3--2   191Kg        E Valerie Valerie Baker For Valerie, a Friend and Lover of the Islands
Third    25" 3--1--11   170Kg        F# Henry John Pawley For Henry Springer;
Died St. Mary's April 2003
Second    24" 3--0--11   157Kg        G# Ann Martin Maybrey In Memory of Ann Maybrey
21st. May 1938 to 20th. January 2008
Treble    23 1/2" 3--0--14   158Kg         A Mary Community Bell Donated by the Islanders and by Friends
of the Islands 2008
Peal of bells cast together at Whitechapel Bell Foundry to a Gillett and Johnson 1922 profile in 2008
Bell frame constructed and bells hung by Nicholson Engineering of Bridport 2009
The bells are an octave in the key of A where the frequency of the fundamental of the tenor
is 886.1 Hz to match the equivalent note of the diapasons on the St. Mary's Church organ

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