(7) Quater Peal Band 28th July 2010 l-r Kate Scott, Fiona Maybrey, David Maybrey, Jenny Lewin, Guy Scott, Julia Mackenzie, Piers Lewin, Alice Scott. 

(4)  Quarter Peal Band 5th July 2010 l-r Sheila Cheesman, Paul Flavell,
Irene Rich, David Maybrey, Deborah Bishop, Jeremy Cheesman, Geoff Paul, Tony Bishop.

(3) Quarter Peal Band 4th April 2010 l-r Nicola Turner, Colin Turner, Andrew Wilby, Richard Trueman, Joanne Lovell, Owen Winter, Colin Belsey, David Maybrey.

Ringing Times

Sunday Service Ringing 10.25 - 10.55

Practice Night, Wednesday 7.00 - 8.30 All welcome.

From the Cornishman 22nd July 2010

Bell ringers based at All Saints Church in Kingston-on-Thames in Surrey recently toured a number of churches in west Cornwall. The two “local” methods rung during the weekend were called Ludgvan Surprise Minor and Wendron Surprise Minor and rung at their appropriate towers. Methods are often named after places-sometimes the place they are first rung. A method is a sequence of changes where the bells change their positions to a defined pattern that the ringers have to learn by heart. Different patterns have different names- “Surprise” is a specific type of sequence and “Minor” indicates that it is rung on six bells. The 20 ringers had a wonderful time visiting Cornwall, ringing at a dozen or so churches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ending at Truro Cathedral. Ten then went over to Scilly to ring on the new bells at St Mary’s Church. A quarter peal was rung there - a non-stop piece of ringing lasting around 45 minutes during which no ringer can make a mistake or it fails! The method rung was Stedman Triples (Stedman being a founding father of method ringing, and Triples indicating that the method is rung on seven bells). “We had the warmest of welcomes from the Scilly ringers and were able to spend some time exploring the islands,” said Paul Flavell, from the ringers.


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